Recap 9/28

1. I didn’t write this week.  For no reason.  I didn’t feel like it.  That’s weird.  I think I know why.  And I’ll fix it.

2. We are never arming kids at the park again.

3.  Tornado S was student of the week.  He was so excited to draw, color, and decorate a poster about himself.  My Tornado S, the one that said he hated art.

4. I’m trying something with Tornado E to help him remember the rules better in school.  I read about in my textbook, and damn, it’s working.

5. Tornado A refuses to say “Tornado E.” But he loves saying “Tornado S-y.”

6. He also took everything out of my small pantry.

7.  I’ve started my second class of the program.  4 projects in 5 weeks.  Deep breathes.

8.  I finally carved out time away from the boys.  I cleaned the carpets.  Sigh.

9.  Time-outs with a toddler is war.

10. Sometimes juggling this all is hard.


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