Recap 10/12

1. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance schoolwork and housework and parenting and me-time.  This may take a little bit until I get the glitches out.

2. We did a craft last week!  We made fall leaf sun catchers for the window next to the door.  Next we’re making Halloween decorations!

3. I came up with a new dinner.  3 out of 4 family members enjoyed it.  Maybe I should do a star rating system on my recipes.

4. Tornado A has been relieved of his Halloween costume choice.  I’m forcing him to be Yoda because it’s my last chance.

5. Tornado E has decided on a ninja.  I was talked into making part of the costume.  With all my spare time.

6. Tornado S has decided to be The Emperor from Star Wars.  I have to make his costume.  With all my spare time.

7. “Mommy, you’re not going to be a witch again, are you?” said Tornado S in a bored voice.  But I have the hat and a cloak and black nail polish!

8. Fine.  I bought really cool fairy wings.  And I have body glitter and cool tights.

9. Tornado E had a half day on Wednesday and Thursday and today off for fall break.  Today is Tornado E-Mommy day!

10. I’ll admit it.  I have the childish habit of picking my split ends.  And it’s gotten so much worse over the last two weeks.  Which is weird because- Oh.  The key.  I do it when I’m stressed.  As Wally points out, it’s better than smoking.  Still.  It’s a stupid habit.  I want a new cool one.


2 Responses to “Recap 10/12”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    3/4 for a recipe?? Awesome!!! I’m going to be a pretty zombie. 😉

  2. unicorn Says:

    BODY GLITTER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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