Why I haven’t posted on Tuesdays*: An Example

In Text form


Me: Damnit.  It didn’t send my rant.

Kat: Oh boo 😦 is it lost?

Me: Totally.

Kat: Sorry :/


Me: Are you kidding me? It did it again!

I hate you phone.

Me: Let’s start with the fact that Tornado A is ready to rumble because he’s all riled up.

Me: Then add my biggest project, the one I’m most worried about, is due tonight, and I’ve done nothing on it but a little research.

Me: Tornado E just decided top lay in wait and scare Tornado S as he left the bathroom.  He pushed Tornado A into turbo and made Tornado S cry.  Tornado E is banned from getting a drink of water.  He is now crying.

Me: Tornado A is getting out of bed and running to the door where I scoop him up and deliver him to bed.  And repeat.  He loves it.

Me: Tornado E is still crying.

Me: This afternoon was devoted to these super cool snacks for Tornado E’s class tomorrow, which took forever, and I still have to work on them.

Me: Tons of tantrums.  Omg.  Tons of tantrums.  I sent the big boys to bed early.

Me: Tornado A decided to rearrange my baking stuff in the pantry.  He spilled the flour.

Me: He also decided to rearrange the jam jars on the table.  He dropped one.  Jam everywhere.

Me: Dinner was late.  Emptied and loaded the dishwasher though.  But my bathrooms are disgusting.  And the house.  Yeah.

Me: Oh and everyone wants me to decided on CA, but I don’t care.  I’m worried about class and everything before.  Maybe I should say make the plans but remember I’m poor?

Me: Ugh.

30 mins ( I heart texting because people can get back with you on their own time.)

Kat: Oh love ❤ I am so sorry.

Kate: Sounds like u have more than a handful going on.  How are the bedtime battles going?

Me: It’s just been one of those afternoons/evenings. Tornado A is finally down.  Thank God.  And I think I have a blog post.

*I didn’t write yesterday because I was at my parents’ house and my mother is addicted to Facebook games.  Sometimes life can be so sad.


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