Recap 11/9

1. It is obvious that I cannot post when I have a project due or Tornado E home.  They take up my free time.

2. Back when I was in high school, my dad promised us 50 bucks if we got straight A’s for a semester.  I wonder if there’s a statute of limitations.  Because I may do it this semester.

3. Oh sure, nowmy muse is pricking me with ideas for stories and books and crafts and projects.  Now when I don’t have any time.

4. Tornado A stacked 9 blocks and told me it was 9.  I need to start feeding that kid paste.

5. Tornado E spent a week and a half in green, trying to earn Skylander’s 2 from his Papi.  He got in yellow.  Dang.

6. After taking him to our local comicon, Tornado S was disappointed because their were no Emperors.  I promised he could dress up for next year’s.

7. When I told my mom that I was the only parent assigned to a station by myself at Tornado E’s class (and all grade) Halloween party, she said, “Sweetheart, you’re the mother of three boys; from now to the end of your days, everyone will know you can handle anything.”

8. When dealing with chores, I’ve got to remember “a shelf at a time.”  Small chunks now.  Or my house will never be clean.

9. That moment when you’re in a busy grocery store aisle and your 2-year-old gets excited that you’re buying soda.  I promise, folks, I’ve never given him soda.  He’s excited about the bottle.  Honestly, I’m a good mom.

10. Wednesday I had to explain to Tornado E that he didn’t get to brag or gloat or boast that his candidate won.  This is not a football game; this is not about my team is better than your team.  This is about our country, and we must work together to keep it great.  We must learn to work together.  Now if only the adults would learn that lesson.


One Response to “Recap 11/9”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Great recap!!! I laughed at the paste comment…and amen to your final say.

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