Recap 12/7

1. I had a great post for yesterday about parenting and St. Nick’s Day and parenting fails.  And then I went on a field trip.

2. Dear Tornado E’s Teacher, I adore you.  But please, please, PLEASE, give me the right return time for a field trip.  1pm is completely different from 11am.  Completely.  (And yes, I was ready to steal lunches by noon.)

3. Tornado A is sick.  He takes personal offense for vomiting.

4. I told Tornado S he is not allowed to let the sickness trend continue.  I don’t have time for it.

5. It was only one chapter to read for class.  Except a huge project which is only huge compared to its research.  What landmark AZ Supreme Court cases affect English learner?  I need two of them.  Exactly.

6. Tornado E and Tornado S shaved their heads.  I swear that cool air on their head makes them go insane.

7. I’m living a bizarre timeline in my head.  Part of me is saying I have plenty of time.  I just have a few people to shop for and the boys.  The other part of me is screaming that time is ticking, time is ticking.  I have crafts to do and eventually decorating and getting pictures taken and making up cards to send and those jar mixes to think of, buy for and then make and ornaments to make and packages to send and cleaning to do and clothes shopping to do.  Not to mention I’m counting down to the end of my semester and the end of their semester and when I can’t send anything in the mail and half of other dates.

8. My kids love my music.  They can’t get over the newest mixed cd.

9. Pinterest is porn.

10. I’ll be damned if I ever do that elf on the shelf thing.  Honestly like I have time.  Or even time to do half the stuff I pin on pinterest.


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