Recap 12/14

1. I think it’s time to decide what’s important to get done before Christmas before I get stressed out.

2. Good- Pinterest for giving some really cool ideas.  Bad- Pinterest before Christmas.  Like I don’t have enough to do.

3. Good- I found some great activities for Tornado S to do to work on his fine motor skills.  Bad- He should have been in school instead of recooping.

4. Good- My parents bought me a cool bookshelf for my DVD collections.  Bad- I have to figure out a way to organize it.

5. Good- Tornado E is doing well in school. Bad- He is so over homework, so we’re battling to get it done.  Damnit, kid, just sit down and do it and it’ll be done.

6. Good- Tornado A is old enough to grasp Christmas in all its glory.  Bad- He’s old enough to remember that I bought toys that will appear on Christmas morning.

7. Good- Mom’s night out.  Bad- Due to illnesses, Christmas pageants, lack of sitters, only two of us went.

8. Good- Sunday is my last day of school. Bad- I have a lot of discussions to read and have to make a 10 minute Powerpoint presentation.  I have never done a PowerPoint presentation and haven’t presented anything in like 9 years.

9.  Good- After three months, it’s raining.  Bad- It’s really f-ed up my plans for pictures.

10. Good- I’m nearly done Christmas shopping.  Bad- I’m not done Christmas shopping.


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