Recap 12/21

1. And yet the world remains.  Damn.  I bought looting gear for no reason.

2. So Tornado S has been sick.  With croup.  Nearly all week.

3. And my body was like “Um, sweetheart, if you want to remain healthy, I demand you sleep.”  Which means putting up a wall at lunch.  Stupid sleep.

4. I think I can get my house sparkling by Christmas. Except for The Counter.  You know, the one place you throw all the papers and random stuff you don’t know what to do with and your old Light Bright.  Or is that just me?

5. School is out for the session!  Yea!  For me and the boys!  I get a month!  Yea!  What will I do with all my free time?

6. So I found a box of ornaments that I made a couple of years ago and never gave out.  Hmmm.

7. Pinterest.  If I get enough reasons, I’m finally going to buy a Dremel.  Hell-yeah. (And yes, I do have a thing for tools, like I have a thing for craft supplies.  Which isn’t as serious as my thing for necklaces and rings and nail polish.  And not nearly as bad as my thing for books and postcards.  Um, I think I just admitted to being a hoarder.)

8. I took Tornado E shopping for gifts to give to us.  His taste in jewelry.  Um.  Wow.

9. I have so many posts to write about Tornado A.  And he looks adorable with paint on his face and in his hair.

10. So this year’s ornament craft.  Well, I don’t have enough styrofoam balls for Plan A.  I should have checked that.  When I went for the supplies for Plan B a few days ago, they were all out.  Damn.  I don’t have enough clay for Plan C, unless I go to Michael’s this weekend.  Shudder.  Plan D, well my blender needs a new rubber ring or it leaks, and I don’t want that mess.  Dear Internet, I need a good Plan E.

11. I’m not as stressed as I should be.  I think.  I think I may be all right.


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