Well, that’s Monday

Sunday night Tornado A had a bout of insomnia.  Two hours.  At one point he and Tornado E were wrestling. At 2:30 am. Awesome.  Let me tell you.  The only thing that calmed him down was listening to a mix album that has become the favorite album of the whole family.  Tornado A finally snuggled down around 4am, listening to my iPod alarm.  I was grateful to let him.

Until the one song the boys aren’t allowed to hear came on.  I’m so conditioned to listen to it and skip it that I bolted up on the first few bars and turned of the iPod.  Which woke Tornado A up.  “SONG!  UP!  MOMMY!”  Fine.  Music on again.

Tornado E woke at 5am with allergy issues.  After I gave him medicine, he refused to sleep on his side.  Again.

So was it a surprise that we all slept in?

Yes, because I had my alarm set.

All I can think of was Tornado A must have shut it off when he was trying to turn on the music.


I jumped out of my bed.  Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap.

I shook Tornado E awake.  I turned on the lights on Tornado S and told him to get up.  I ordered them to get dressed.  I jumped in the shower.

My mom was coming over at 7:15.  She was going to watch the younger boys; while, I took Tornado E to school and checked out the boys bathroom with him.  (Tornado E has been having accidents since the start of the separation.  There is always some new excuse.  I plan to write a post about it when we conquer this issue.  Two years and counting.  Sigh.)  He had said he was too frightened to go to the bathroom at school.

After a five-minute shower, I threw some clothes on and checked on the boys.  I went back to scolding, nagging, and loud whispering to keep from waking Tornado A.  By the time my mom arrived, the boys were dressed, and I had started fixing breakfast and throwing the last few things into the lunches.  It took another ten minutes to eat, finish getting read, and getting to the car.

Great, Tornado E, just great.  The first day back and we’re late.

I scolded half way to the school.  Then I formulated a plan to walk Tornado E to the bathroom.  It involved talking to the teacher.  I was agitated by the driver in front of me, who decided to just go the speed limit.  I hate being late.

Then we pulled into the school.  There were very few kids.  There were very few cars in the parking lot.  Huh, but it’s 7:30.

Tornado E: Mommy?  Where is everyone?

We were suppose to be at school today, right?  Scan mental calendar.  Yup.  Today is the day.

Me: Maybe we’re more late than I thought.

We got out.  The bustle and rush forgotten as we edged toward the school.  Did the zombie apocalypse begin?  I’m sure someone would have told me.  Maybe we were suppose to meet inside the classrooms do to the cold.

We walked into the school yard, looking around, trying to make sense of the whole thing.  I took Tornado E’s hand, and we walked toward the basketball courts where assembly was held.

I noticed the principal walking out of the office.  I noticed the parking lot moms hurrying toward the parking lot with their nifty orange vests.  And click.

Ah, crap!  It’s 7:30.  Tornado E’s school starts at 7:45!

I started to laugh.

Tornado E: What, Mommy?

Me: We’re early!  School starts in 15 minutes!  Good job getting here early!  Let’s go check out that bathroom.

God, it was cold.  I looked at my phone.  34°.  Ah, crap.  I have to stand outside for twenty more minutes.  Damnit.


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