Recap 1/11

1. Third day of writing something.  Two days of reading a blog.  Two days of doing something creative.  I’m on a roll.

2. That do an exercise a day and eating an apple a day.  Not going as well as planned.  How do I not have time to eat an apple?

3. I knew it.  I f-ing knew it.  Pinterest is sucking me in.  Stupid Pinterest.  Oooh- I can make that.

4. I love hearing Tornado S say things like I say them.  First it was “right?”  Now it’s “apparently” and followed with some sort of sarcastic remark.

5. OMFG. This class.  This class is got me buried for until mid-Febuary.  Holy Crap.  Three chapters.  Two papers.  Two hours of observation.  A quiz. A discussion.  EVERY WEEK.  Then add two projects.  One is due next weekend.  We’ll see how long my resolutions last.

6. I never brought Tornado A into my bed as a baby.  He didn’t learn to cuddle and sleep.  Until now.  He’s decided my bed is the best place to be around midnight.  Even if I’m not there.

7. Best part of the break: doing Boy Scout stuff with Tornado E.  We kicked some butt.  I think we’re going to build a boat this weekend.  Or start on the pinewood derby car.  Or plant stuff.  Or grow crystals.  Dude, I wish it was still winter break.

8. I’m not completely satisfied with my new purse.  I kinda might have a purse fetish.  Like the nail polish fetish.  But the last purse lasted two years.  It’s like the Jaws lunch box or the Little Twin Stars tin or the bowling bag (so named because it bares a resemblance to a bowling bag but it’s actually my great-grandma’s purse from the ’40s; I heart that purse.).  Rarely am I satisfied with a purse for more than a year.  To the stores.  (damn.)

9. Why does everyone need to have an opinion on my purses?  Honestly.  My parents.  My brothers.  My grandmas.  Now the boys’ counselor.  Whatever.

10. And the Christmas stuff.  Still up.  I’m hoping that little Brownies will come and put it all away.


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