Recap 1/18

1. There is a serious lack of motivation on my part.  I’m getting stuff done.  Slowly.  And without the bounce.

2. It took one week of school for me to not do all the things I vowed to do.  Like write, post, do something creative.  This might be why I’m not motivated.

3. My back door on my Sequoia is fixed.  And it is oh so awesome.

4. I went in to observe Tornado E’s teacher do her thing for my class.  She is oh so awesome.

5. It turns out Tornado E made Principal’s List.  He got straight A’s.  And his teacher had him call me to tell me.

6. Sometimes having a two-year-old around is so cool.  Tornado A is just a beam of sunshine.

7. I got Tornado S’s report card.  He’s working so hard on his fine motor skills.  We’re doing more crafts to work on that together.

8. I had “coffee” with a friend because it was too damn cold to walk.  And Tornado A was awesome to play with cars as we talked.

9. This week is my craziest week in school.  I had a plan.  It’s slowly slipping from my grasp.  Due to the lack of motivation.  At least I’m great under time pressure.

10. “Look at you!  You look great!  You’re all dressed up!  You don’t look like you’ve been chasing three boys all day!” said a mom I’m becoming friends with on the day I went to observe Tornado E’s class.  I wasn’t wearing my usual t-shirt, just a button up shirt, but she couldn’t tell because of the heavy pea-coat I was wearing.  My hair was in a pony tail.  So what the hell do I look like normally?

I’ve decided normally I look like I’m going out to kick ass.  That day, I just looked a little more put together to go kick some ass.


One Response to “Recap 1/18”

  1. Court Says:

    I’ve often wanted to sit in on Kaiya’s kindergarten class because I’m mesmerized by her teacher too.

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