Thoughts on a girlfriend

Tornado S has a little girl in his class that likes him.  Likes him a lot. She has sweet personality like Tornado S.   Apparently she talks about him a lot.  Finally before Christmas, she worked up the nerve to draw him pictures.  First it was just a “Merry Christmas” picture.  The last picture had Tornado S and her with flowers and hearts.

Tornado S has finally noticed her.  He wants her to come over and play.

Tornado S: Angel and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.  But not boyfriend and girlfriend.  We can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend until we’re older.  I think I need to have my birthday first.  We should both be six.  You can have a girlfriend when you’re six.  Maybe we’ll just wait for just my birthday.  One of us should be six.  We can be boyfriend and girlfriend after my birthday in May.

I wonder how her father will take it.

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