Just a little creativity in his homework

Tornado E has lots of opportunities to be creative in his homework.  He has to write sentences using all his spelling words every week.  Every day he has ( I don’t know) other spelling words that he has to spell to me, read, and then write sentences with.  When he writes his sentences, he uses as many of the spelling words as he can in one sentence.  Every week he has to present a speech about the topic the teacher chose.

Tornado E was writing sentences for his sort of spelling words.

Tornado E: Mom!  What about this sentence?  “I am against the government.”  That’s great, right?  It’s funny.  I also put two of my words in there.

And all I could think of was those right-wing nut jobs preparing for dooms day with the antichrist will reveal himself and the government is coming for their guns.  Oh god.  Or those baby anarchist I met in college who were really just pissed off they were born rich but didn’t see the problem of wearing $100 jeans to protest the World Trade Organization.  Oh god.

Me: Good sentence, Tornado E.

Later Tornado E was writing his speech.  He had to write about his hero.  He was writing about Papi, my dad.  (Ok, let’s all take a moment and realize how sweet that is.)

Tornado E: (dictating the rough draft for me to write) He was a police officer for 30 years.  He has lots of guns.

That’s what you think of my dad?  “He has lots of guns?”  Dude, I grew up with three guns in the house.  Two were for your Papi’s work.  But then he did just start collecting guns for his new hobby of cowboy action shooting.  Since he got the gun safe, great-uncle has put all his guns in there.  So, yeah, there are a lot of guns.

What a minute.  “I am against the government.”  “He has lots of guns.”  Ah, crap.  The teacher is totally going to think we’re crazy right-wing nut jobs.  Maybe I should just wear my “This is my zombie killing shirt” to school tomorrow.

Stupid creativity.  Can’t she just assign him lines?


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