Recap 1/25

1. I was working on a post in my head today when I realized it was Friday, so it was time for the recap. Yea recap!

2. Doing something creative most days has really worked and kept me upbeat.  Remembering to eat an apple is still giving me trouble. So weird.

3.  Pinewood derby races are finally.  My favorite part of this time of year.  That and Girl Scout cookie time.  Except I still don’t have any contacts.  Honestly.

4. We’re finally forcing Tornado E to learn to ride a bike. AND he nearly has it.  Tornado S wants to give his balance bike to Tornado A and be done with it.  Tornado A firmly believes he can ride a “car.”

5. I’m working on Tornado S’s fine motor skills because that may be what keeps him back in kindergarten.  Not on my watch.  Any one have ideas that aren’t crafts?  He’s noticing the crafts and isn’t really excited.

6. We’re at Target in the dollar section. And Tornado A picks up a pink rubber duck and comes over and moves the duck’s bill up and down my leg.  “Oh no, Mommy!  Pink duck is eating you!  Chomp!  Chomp!  Quack!  Quack!”  Tornado A now owns a rubber duck.  Can you really blame me?  The kid is adorable.

7. Somehow the house has stayed clean.  Doing a little here and there has helped.  Keeping on the boys to clean up after themselves has helped.

8. We finally killed a house plant.  I need to replace it so Tornado S has a chore.  I need a hardy, non poisonous house plant.  I should research this after the blog.

9. I got my hair cut.  My girl is awesome.  I look cute.  My dad claims it doesn’t look like I did anything to it.  Thanks.

10. This weekend is diorama weekend for Tornado E.  Yea.  Bike riding if weather permits.  Yea.  Working on Pinewood cars if time permits.  Yea!  Homework and projects for me. Yea? Chores.  That is definitely not a yea.  BUT I’m hoping to sneak away to the craft store and figure out Valentine’s gifts. YEA!

(11. God, I’m horrible at spelling.  How did I get this old and not be able to spell “definitely?”)

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