I’m a little confused

My Mom: Do you remember me working when you were a kid?

Me: Yeah.  Even when you weren’t, you were always involved with the school.  You were always at school.  Doing things for teachers.  Running the parent association thingy.  Doing stuff for volleyball or softball or Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.  You worked a lot.

My Mom: No.  Do you remember when I went back to work?

Me: Yeah.  I’m just saying that even when you weren’t working, you were still working.

My Mom: Fae, do you remember when I went back to work? 

Um, am I missing something here?

Me: Yes, Mom.  I remember when you went back to work.  You worked part-time for Sears catalogue.  Our carpool family sucked because they were always late.  The boys and I would fold laundry Tuesday afternoons.  (I went to a school that had half-days every Tuesday for the purpose of parents getting all appointments out-of-the-way.)  And Dad had to cook more, or we ate more frozen foods.  And I went shopping with you when you were buying a work wardrobe.  Before that you were going to school.  After that you did medical billing at home.  After that you got the job at Dr. B—‘s doing his medical billing.  So, yes, I remember you working.

My Mom: I was just wondering.  You were in fifth grade.  I didn’t go back until The Friendly Giant was in first.

So you mean most of my childhood was filled with you not working.  Which is what I said before.  Which was the path I planned to follow, you know, before I had to become a single mom.  Which proves that most mothers fluctuate between working and staying at home.  And what was the point of all this?

Me: So, if I was in fifth grade, then that would mean most of my young childhood, you were a stay-at-home mom?

My Mom: Yes, Fae.  But I went back to school when you were in second grade, and I was always doing something at the school. 

AH!  What was this whole conversation for?!

What are we talking about?

Mothers.  Damnit.

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