They’re sick. They’re all sick.

Long ago I was a history buff.  I swallowed that stuff whole.  Kings, politicians, battles, religion, science, inventors, customs, clothes.  People intrigue me.  It’s why I took psychology and sociology classes.  I remember reading they painted something on the doors to keep the plague away.  I will probably give in to that urgent need-to-know soon enough.  But I know I need to paint it on my door.

Or maybe it’s too late.

Tornado E has been “sickish” since Sunday.  Sunday he wasn’t sick; he was just off.  And then Monday he woke up with a fever.  And so the awesome began.  And this year everything Tornado E has caught, he has shared with Tornado S and Tornado A, who used to say, “No, thank you, dear brother; our immune systems came from our mother; we will sit and watch movies with you.”

So all the boys have been sick since Wednesday, which really doesn’t seem like a long time.  Unless you have three children who are sick and you were the one home taking care of them.  Then that is like a month.  Add that I have allergies.  (They’re allergies, damnit!  I will not be sick!)  And my bed becomes infested with sick children two hours after I go to bed.  Or less.

Last night the boys took turns.  First Tornado A came to bed with me.  Then an hour later, Tornado E joined me in bed and decided to do his impression of a barnacle.  Then an hour later Tornado S came into bed with me.  Then an hour later Tornado E needed water.  An hour after that Tornado S and Tornado A needed water.  Tornado A also needed a binkie and his mama shirt.  A half an hour later Tornado A was awake and needed music.  Then an hour later Tornado E asked for cough medicine.  (About this time I was contemplating coma medicine.  I’m not sure for who.)  Then an hour later Tornado S needed more water.  Finally I decided I had enough of being squished and woken up and could get up.  I felt like I was hit by a truck.

So there has to be an upside.  What with the sickness and lack of school and the schoolwork piling up/  Well, at least my house is clean because I have time to clean it and the boys are too tired to mess it up.


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