Recap 2/1: Apprently the Sick addition

1. God, I think we’re finally disease free.  What can I give these kids to keep them this way?

2. Tornado A is saying “yes.”  “Yes. I said ‘yes.'”  No.  I want you to keep saying “Way.”

3. I’ve decided my allergies are acting up.  Don’t tell me otherwise.

4. With them being sick all week, it has ruin most of my plans for the weekend because now they have to build up strength and do their schoolwork.  I’m still escaping for an hour or so, and we still have to work on their pinewood derby cars.

5. I do feel sorry for Tornado E.  He was supposed to be Super Star of the Week at school, and he spent it on the couch sick, watch dvds.  But he still was miserable.

6. When I joked about accepting donations of prayers, Clorox Wipes, Purell, and chocolate on Facebook, one of my friends wasn’t.  She brought me Clorox Wipes, Kleenex, cough drops, oranges, and chocolate.  Because she is awesome.

7. I was kinda surprised Tornado S got it.  He does have my immune system.  He was over it in three days unlike Tornado E’s 5 days, but Tornado A was done in 24 hours.

8. My parents are awesome.  They watched the boys several times this week, so I could run the errands that NEEDED to be done.

9. I guess I should bleach the house tonight.

10. Tornado S: “Daddy, what will happen if Mommy gets sick?”  The Ex: “Impossible.  It would never happen.  Your Mommy is like Wolverine.”

Yes, I am.  Sarcastic.  Never gets sick.  Now I would like my claws and immortality, please.


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