It was just one of those days.  The kids were sick.  The housework needed to be done.  Errands needed to be done, but then there were the sick kids.  The weekly menu plan had to be thrown out the window due to the sick kids.  And I still had homework to do.  Everything that made me balanced wasn’t being done because it was the sick kids.  It was just one of those days.

Tornado E: Mommy?

Me: Yes.

Tornado E: Are you stressed?

Ah, damn.  The collateral damage of the stress.  Often times the reason for the stress.  But even then, they shouldn’t notice me burning under pressure.  If they did, that means I’ve done something wrong.  Like yelled more than I should over things I shouldn’t.  Like forgotten something I shouldn’t.  Like said something I shouldn’t.  Or thrown a temper tantrum.  Hmmm.  Did I need a time out?

Me: Yes.  I’m sorry, sweetheart.  Parents get stressed out because of life.  And if I took it out on you, guys, I’m sorry.  That would be stu-

Tornado E thrusted my brain stress ball at me, grinning from ear to ear.

Tornado E: Here, Mommy!



That’s suppose to be funny.

If it was an adult, I’d deadpan him and give him a look.

Instead I smiled and chuckled a little.

I grabbed the stress ball out of his hands and squeezed it a few times.

Me: Thanks, kid.  You know something?

Tornado E: (with a bored voice) Yeah, you love me.

Me: (with a huge smile) I love you!

Then I gave him a huge hug.

Me: And I’m one lucky Mommy.


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