Recap: 2/8

1. It is a glorious day.  I’m much too happy and bubbly and energetic.  Everything is going great, so I probably should get into blocking mode when fate decides to kick me.

2. Last night’s bedtime was perfect.  Once everyone was in their pajamas with teeth brushed, they settled right down.  Tornado E read.  I read.  We did the kindness tree.  We wrote down what we were thankful for.  We prayed.  The boys went down without much of a fight.  Perfect.

3. I nearly did the Dance of Joy outside of Tornado S’s classroom when he went to school on Wednesday.  But I figured I should wait until he couldn’t see me any more.

4. Tornado E’s teacher told me he bragged about how smart I was the other day.  She said she agreed with him.  Did I mention how much I loved his teacher?

5. I am so proud of Tornado E.  He is totally caught up in his school work.  He worked really hard.  Now if I can kick his butt in gear over raising his math grade because it’s a question of effort, not ability.

6. Tornado S threw a whining fit because his father wasn’t coming over.  (Because the ex had a friend in town.  Yeah, I know.)  I asked Tornado S to throw the same type of fit but longer when I’m gone next week.  He thought I was being silly.  I am so very serious.

7. The Boy Scout troop had a trial run for the derby car race.  Tornado E and Tornado S won all their races.  They don’t care, but it’ll be interesting to see if the dads make modifications to their cars.

8. I did more exercising this week.  Thanks to Tornado A.  Now about those apples and blog reading….

9. I have some fantastic craft ideas.  For Valentine gifts, for Tornado A, for the boys, for me.

10. Speaking of crafts, Chinese New Year’s is Sunday.  Fat Tuesday is this coming Tuesday.  And Thursday is Valentine’s Day.  And tomorrow we go to the gem show and maybe a historical recreation event and a birthday party.  Let the fun begin.


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