Duh, Mom

I was driving, and the boys were in back playing.

Tornado E: Mommy, why doesn’t this brain have a spinal cord?

Me: I’m assuming it’s because it’s a stress ball, and if a spinal cord is attached it wouldn’t fit in someone’s hand.  A stress ball needs to fit into someone’s hand.

Tornado E: Then it’s not the whole brain.  (Pause)  Mommy, does it have the cerebellum?

Um, huh.  I tried to bring up a picture of the stress ball in my head.  I think.  I think it . . . does?

Me: Yes.

Tornado E: No, Mom.  You’re wrong.  It is only the cerebrum.  This stress ball has only has one part of the brain.  (Duh.)

First off, little dude, I took bio-psych and did awesome in it.  I can tell you all kinds of cool things about the brain, especially in relation to attraction, love, and sex.  But you’re too young.  So there.

And second, who is this kid?!


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