Recap 2/15

1. About the last two days.  Um, I have no real excuse.  So let’s just move on.

2. Thank God for the blog.  Because apparently I didn’t write any of Tornado A’s firsts in his baby book.  But I think he is my most photographed child.

3. I’m thinking I need to make a bigger deal of Valentine’s day for the boys.  Because one day they will have girlfriends and wives and those women might expect, want, hope, their men will do something romantic.  I am raising the good guys.

4. Thanks to the gem show, we own lots and lots of pretty rocks.  I now own lots of pretty earrings.

5. So I was listening to a song with the lyrics on Youtube, and Tornado E came in and started singing the song.  So we sang together.  Which is awesome.  Mainly because he thinks I can sing.

6. I’m working with Tornado S’s motor skills 15 minutes every day.  I’m also making him draw because the kid’s art is horrible.

7. It’s really neat to make people’s day.

8. Write your own conversation hearts.  Oh My God.  The ideas!  The mischief!  The fun!

9. I’m kicking butt in class.  Next week will be hellish with the new class.  Sigh.

10. Text conversation:

Me: Oh my god!  I napped!  Longer than I meant to.

Friend: Not surprised.

Me: But I wasn’t suppose too.

Friend: When did you get to bed?

Me: 1. ish.

Friend: When did you get up?

Me: 6. ish.

Friend: You know normal people need 8 hours of sleep.

Me: I see you texted me, and I’m not sure what it means.

Friend: Get more sleep.


One Response to “Recap 2/15”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Sounds like a good friend you have there!!!

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