Recap 2/22

1. I’ve been working on a post for 3 days.  Because I am on duty that often this week.

2. Which means I haven’t had time to make any phone calls because I know the minute I dial I will have to deal with some sort of disaster or desperate need of attention.

3. Basically all THREE boys have decided to test the line.  That’s what the post I’ve been writing for 3 days is about.

4. I can have whole conversations with Tornado A.  I’m sure he was a baby just a week ago.

5. My new resolution getting Tornado S to work on his fine motor skills every day.  And to draw a picture.  That kid has NO artistic ability.  NONE.  And we are woefully under stocked on pictures of the Emperor.

6. Tornado E has his mother’s curiosity.  It’s kind of awesome.  So when I told him he could read any nonfiction book he wants for his book report, . . . I didn’t expect the tantrum (remember testing the lines) he threw because he wanted to read a Ninjago book.  WTF.

7. It turns out I own 30 different nail polishes.  And yet.  I don’t have any nail polish to wear.

8. This is rodeo weekend.  The kids have Thursday and Friday off.  Last year we were in Disneyland for the long weekend.  I really wish I was at Disneyland this long weekend.  Sigh.

9. Tomorrow Renaissance Fair.  Today trying to make knight tunics for the boys out of t-shirts.  Woot.

10. So far.  The plan.  I haven’t done well on the writing and reading blogs part.  And maybe the apple part.  But I did paint 30 butterfly push pins.  Yea!


One Response to “Recap 2/22”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Boys and testing the line: constant and exhausting.

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