We have some Angry Bird pillows here.  A small bird and small pig.  And two large birds and a large pig.  Can you guess who has the pigs?  Our very own Sith Lord.  But since Tornado A idolizes Tornado S, he wanted a pig too.  Being an awesome older brother, Tornado S gave Tornado A the small pig.

They walk around the house with their pigs squealing and cooing.  “Piggie!”  “BIG PIGGIE!”  “SMALL PIGGIE!”  It’s a bit adorable.

Then I walked into the older boys’ room to hurry Tornado S along and heard the boys squealing with their pigs.

Tornado S: PIGGIE!  Piggies are good!  Birds are bad!  We don’t like birds!

Tornado A: No BIRDS!

Is he…?  Is he teaching Tornado A to like bad guys?

Me: WAIT!  Are you teaching your baby brother to not like good guys and like bad guys?!

Tornado S smiled.

Me: No.  No.  We are the good guys.  We like the birds AND the pigs.

Tornado S and Tornado A: PIGGIE!

No, no.  I will not have a Sith Lord training an apprentice.

Always two there are, no more, no less: a master and an apprentice.

Hell, no.  I am not letting two sons go over to the dark side, much less one.

I need an intervention.

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