Recap 3/8

1. I spent Saturday afternoon and evening with awesome friends.  It was good to get away.

2. Tornado E lost a tooth Saturday while I was gone.

3. Not to be out done, Tornado S lost one on Sunday.

4. 5 dollars a tooth?!  Parents, we need a meeting to discuss the price of teeth.

5. I couldn’t sit still earlier this week until my house was completely clean.  Completely I mean everything but the boys’ rooms and that counter.  You know, the one space where papers go to retire.

6. I want a family crest.  And motto.  And sigil.  Except the name is all complicated, now that I know my kids are the best people associated with it.  But!  I’ve been working on the family crest.  A dragon guarding the Tree of Knowledge.  But the tree is kinda skimpy on leaves and fruit.

7. I really wish I could draw.

8. Tornado A is my bright shadow.  I’m going to miss him when we both go to school next year.

9. Parent fail= we were bored on Tuesday with “nothing” to do.  Parent win= Thursday = delicious dinner, pillow fight, science experiment with the added bonus of clean boys, clean rooms, and everyone sleeping by 8:20pm.

10. Every day this week I have worked with Tornado S on his fine motor skills.  I had some success with reading and writing blogs.  As for exercising, eating apples, and creating sigh.


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