Recap 3-15

1. Quick.  It’s a day off from school.  I snuck away.  I only have so much time before they destroy something.

2. Last weekend was the Book Festival at the university.  It was so awesome to go and hear people talk about writing.

3. And doing science experiments with the boys at the Festival.  We have a mold culture.  I should probably throw it away.

4. I went dress shopping with my mom because I’m a masochist.  But we found a dress.  On clearance.  Except it’s black.  Not really what I was looking for.  But still.

5. Potty training Tornado A has begun.  Yea.

6. Tornado S had Who Day.  I spiked his hair and painted it red.  He was ecstatic.

7. Tornado E’s school had a science day all day Thursday, which meant kids did science experiments all day, and I volunteered.  I’m going to miss volunteering when I go back to work.

8. Pinterest is amazing.  (Shuddup, Wally.)  I’ve got crafts and science experiments for the boys, and I’m dying to organize.  Except I refuse to until I get the house straightened first.

9. There are solar panel toy cars!

10. Spring has hit Tucson.  Time to make the back yard inviting, so I can kick the kids out of the house.

10.5. So this week wasn’t a good week for more 5 things to make me whole.  Rarely did I write or read blogs.  (As you might have noticed.)  I didn’t eat an apple or do something creative.  Oh wait!  Except for yesterday, I exercised every day for the last week.  Go me.


2 Responses to “Recap 3-15”

  1. Court Says:

    One day is better then nothing! And… Yup, I tied ya! (If you can call walking slowly on the treadmill exercising)

  2. Elastamom Says:

    I am so desperate for Spring…jealous that it’s there!!!

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