Recap 2/22

1. Spring break has started!  I’m kind of excited.  Crafts.  Outings.  Cub Scout stuff.  We’ll see if I make it through with my sanity.

2. Conference with Tornado E’s teacher.  Tornado E’s first C.  In math.  Because he doesn’t care to write neatly or show his work or put in the symbols.  But his teacher loves him and thinks he’s a great, bright kid.

3. Conference with Tornado S’s teachers.  It’s time for occupational therapy.  But he’s made great progress.  Though he’s very independent during play time.  But he is an introvert.  His teachers love him.

4. Tornado A got a boy’s hair cut.  Not just a bowl cut.  Because he sat still long enough.

5. Tornado A tried to sneak into class with Sweet Girl, keeping her between himself and the teacher.  I grabbed him as he tried to entire the classroom.

6. Last weekend my boys were complete troopers and helped clean up the house and the back yard.  I’m going to draft their help again.

7. Allergies are annoying.  Very, very annoying.

8. For homework, I have to write a biography about myself.  I hate writing about myself.  I mean, honestly.  I like to tweak things for the good of the story.  And I hate writing about myself in third person.  That’s just dumb.

9. I’m desperate for a some sort of craft or art piece to do before the next class starts, which will bury me again.

10. I walked with a friend this week.  I miss hanging out with friends.  Stupid responsibilities.  They make it hard to do what we want.

11. As for the 5.  Some days were more successful than others.  I need a craft.  I need to eat apples.  Seriously how hard is it to eat an apple every day?


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