Rookie Mistake

I’m making Tornado S draw a picture every day because his fine motor skills need to improve and the kid is terribly behind on what he should be able to draw.  He forgets eyes and mouths.  In kindergarten!  What?!

So any ways.  I have relented the last several days and let him draw with the fat markers instead of the triangle crayons.  I left him and Tornado A drawing.  (Tornado A LOVES to draw and color.  Finally a kid who likes art!)  Tornado E and I left the room to research environmentalists for his Cub Scout badge.


Big Mistake!


I left an almost three-year-old with a big box of the markers alone.


He colored his arms.  (Fine.)

He colored his tummy.  (Fine.)

He colored his legs.  (Fine.)

He colored his toes.  (Fine.)

He colored his face.  (Um, less than fine.)

He colored his hair.  (WHAT?  HIS HAIR?!  Less, LESS than fine.)

He colored the pantry door.  (NO.  Not Fine.  Not Fine.)

He colored the walls.  (Not Fine At All.  AT ALL.)

He colored the cloth living room chairs.  Two of them.    (NOT FINE AT ALL.  NOT AT ALL.)

I am an idiot.

So I handed him a wet sponge and taught him that if he makes a mess he has to clean it.

And he had fun.  For the first 5 minutes.  The next 5 taught him he has to draw on paper and only paper.

I am not a rookie.  I shouldn’t make such stupid mistakes.

The markers are put away, and I will be sitting with them when they color and do art projects.

Speaking of which. . . Tornado S owes me a drawing.

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