Recap 3/29

1. April Fool’s around the corner.  I don’t have anything prepared yet.  I better get on that.

2. Upon realizing that next week will start another hellish 6 weeks of working my butt off at school, I decided to work my @ss off deep cleaning the house.  Instead of enjoying by my time emailing friends and doing crafts.

3. I started potty training Tornado A.  I regret getting rid of those potty training books.

4. Tornado E is the pickyest shopper.  FIVE stores for shoes.  TWO stores for a dress shirt.  It would’ve been more stores for the shirt, but I put my foot down.

5. Tornado S will do anything to stay home and play video games.

6. It’s been Spring Break.  We have done shoe shopping and Easter shirt shopping and haircuts.  We’ve done zoos, parks, lunches out, and grocery shopping.  We’ve done crafts, biking, fires, and baths with glow sticks.  We’ve done homework and chores.  It’s been a busy week.

7. I’m on a bracelet kick right now.  I just need a place to store them.

8. “You do school online because you have kids and you can’t leave us.”  Yes, Tornado S, I do.

9. Tornado E has gotten into Greek mythology.  Finally.  This is going to be- there are a lot of things in Greek mythology I don’t care to discuss with my kid.

10. How about this- now that we’re adults can we not use the excuse “oh, I spaced” when forgetting about things like playdates or outings with friends?  Honestly, we’re not scatter-brained teenagers any more.

The 5 update: I had two days where I did all five (writing, exercising, creating, reading blogs, and eating an apple), and I’m kinda excited about that.  I exercised every day.  I’ve decided I can’t break on weekends from writing, just shift focus.


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