If It Was Juice

The boys were pretty good during sunrise mass on Easter.  It might have something to do with my parents being there.  My mom’s stern looks and my dad passing out mints when a boy wiggled.

They even did well in line for their blessing, instead of communion.  It wasn’t until the walk back to our seats that Tornado S became loud.

Tornado S: Mommy!  That was wine, right?!

Me: (whispering) Yes.

Tornado S: Why didn’t you get any?!

Me: (whispering) I’ll tell you later.  Shh.

Tornado S: If it was juice, then you would let me have some!  Why isn’t it juice?!

Me: (whispering) You’re Catholic.  It’s always wine.

Tornado S: But if it was wine, you would let me have some!

Me: (whispering) No.  Not until you’re first communion.

We entered the pew and moved to our seats.

Tornado S: But what if it was juice?!

Me: (whispering) No.  Now kneel and pray.

My Dad: (whispering) I could tell him about my church ….

Me: (whispering) Not helping,  Nazarene.

My dad chuckled.

So Tornado S’s obsession with communion continues from since he was a baby.  He’ll make a good Catholic some day.

Homer: “Uh-huh. And how do I join? Do I whale on some Unitarians?”
Fr. Sean: “Well, it’s a little harder than that. It starts with looking deep inside yourself…” (Homer groans) “But it ends with bread and wine”
Homer: “Woo-hoo!”

from Season 16, “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Guest Star”

One Response to “If It Was Juice”

  1. Court Says:

    I’m often wildly inappropriate at communion. I’m dearly hoping its not hereditary.

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