Recap 4/5

1. It’s like the week went – where did it go?

2. I cannot write so little.  Then my head gets all crazy.  With thoughts, plans, poems, situations, emotions, ideas, dreams.  Then the next thing you know I’m writing something like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I’ll admit I only glanced over but realized that it was too close to the craziness in my head for me to actually read.  But seriously, who combines that many characters and storylines and thinks it’s a good idea?

3. When asked about his spring break, Tornado E talked about watching cartoons and playing video games.  Not picnics in the park.  Not the zoo.  Not crafts or art projects or science projects.  Not roasting marshmallows and doing Cub Scout projects.  Not learning to ride a bike.  Not Easter and all that.  Video games and cartoons.  Why do I even bother?

4. For Easter, I planned an egg hunt and made confetti eggs and baking soda eggs with prizes inside.  The boys had a blast.  Until the older two complained they didn’t get what they wanted.  Then I threatened to take it all away.

5. Tornado A is behind me as I write this.  In the office.  With the books and the computer.  Naked.  He is naked.  I’m really nervous and should write faster.

6. I’ve run down the stairs four times to see what emergency was happening in the backyard.  This is why I should write at nap time.

7. Tornado S is always “tired,” “thirsty,” or “bored.”  I’ve got to put that kid to work more.

8. A text to a friend: I’m playing good little homemaker and making jam, using my degree to quote Shakespeare over a boiling pot.  Is there any better use of a degree in English?

9. I started my class Technology in Education.  “I’m comfortable with basic technology (blogger, social media user, smartphone lover), but I’m convinced that gnomes live in my computer.  Just explain everything like I’m a four-year-old.  So I’m really looking forward to expanding my knowledge.”  Don’t worry.  I also wrote “I have a sense of humor, which I hope you’ll appreciate or ignore.”

10. I start a new class and decide I should organize a few places in the house.  Because you know, I’m not happy unless I have a billion things to do and swimming in stress.  God, I need help.

Recap of the 5 things.  It totally didn’t go as well as I wanted.  I did read more blogs but didn’t comment.  The only thing that I did every day was exercise.  Even Easter.  Which is weird.  I need to remember to keep this up to stay balance.  Or get balanced.  Or something.


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