Bunnies! Hot Rod Flames!

We don’t have satellite.  But my parents do.  It might be the real reason my boys like going over there so much.  Add to that I release most of the TV control to my dad, and the boys are in a second heaven.  Cartoons!  On Nickelodeon!  So now they have a taste of  non-pre-approved cartoons.  God, Grandma’s and Papi’s house is awesome.

Sometime ago the boys watched Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.  I kinda liked it.  And the boys and I really liked this scene.

Then it was Pinewood Derby time, and Tornado E had to design and paint his car.

As we discussed the car’s paint job, I said, “You could do hot rod flames.”

Tornado E: Hot rod flames!

Me: Bunnies!

Tornado E: No, hot rod flames, Mommy!   Not bunnies!

Me: Bunnies!

Then Tornado E got it.

Tornado E: Hot rod flames!

Me: Bunnies!

Tornado E: Hot rod flames!

Me: Bunnies!


Me: Bunnies!

Tornado E started laughing.

Me: Well, at least the bunnies are on fire.  (pause)  No, we really should do bunnies on fire!

Tornado E: Mooooommmmmyyyyyyy.  (Rolled eyes)

Me: I’m going to do it to the Sequoia.  Oh, yes.

Tornado E rolled his eyes.

Dude, I’m so excited that Tornado E can play these games with me.  Wait until I tell of the time that my college best friend and I quoted Simpson lines from Orange, CA to Las Vegas.  That was at least 4 hours with traffic.  The poor girl who went with us must have wanted to jump out of the car.


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