Recap 4/12

1. I’m really excited the ex is out of town for the weekend, which means I get the kids to myself without him.  Let the fun begin.  Except for I’m buried in homework.  And housework.  And probably yardwork.  But after that….

2. Remember how I make Tornado S draw every day to strengthen his fine motor skills and practice drawing?  He drew me an invisible castle.  Well played, Tornado S.  Well played.

3. Tornado A had insomnia several nights.  One night it was 6 hours.  At least he’ll sit still and listen to one album.  Just one.  I heart that album.  I heart the person who made it.

4. Tornado E’s class did a store to learn about money and economics.  Parents donated “used” happy meal toys.  I gave a dozen unopen ones that I stashed.  Tornado E brought home an 18″ action figure that’s suppose to fall apart on purpose and on accident.  Well played, unknown mom.  Well played.

5. Organizing kick.  I bought a clear plastic over the door shoe organizer to keep my nail polish in.  I have WAY more than 30 polishes.

6. Tornado S explained to his father that he (the ex, the boys’ father) would die first because he was the oldest, but that it was ok because he would go to a better place.  “Or Hell.  You could go to Hell,” added Tornado E.  Though unintentional.  Well played, Tornado E.  Well played.

7. Let the people rejoice.  My mom admitted that I was made differently from her and therefore wouldn’t look good to be the size she wanted to be as well as wanted me to be.  Damn, I should’ve recorded that.

8. Organizing kick.  I started to organize the random shelf in the pantry.  I found a random stash of chocolate.  Who played that well?  Pinterest with manipulative, seductive suggestions or the Brownies in my house that obviously hid it there so I would get excited and want to organize more to find more chocolate.  Well played.

9. My textbook is trying to convince readers that this new generation is so different and snow-flake-special that we’re changing our teaching ways for them.  Like how these kids need fun, relevant education.  Or how they need fantasy-based learning.  Let’s take a moment to acknowledge Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  Thanks.  Also add your own….

10. My best ideas ever.  Fire pit, which allows us to have s’mores any time we want.  And the unbelievable crack snack of apple-strawberry salsa with cinnamon and sugar tortilla chips.  I ate a pound of strawberries.  Plus other fruits.  Mmmm.  Well played, indeed.

The 5.  Yea me!  Three days of hitting the 5!  Three days of only doing 1.  Yeah, about that; I’ll do better.  I learned running up and down stairs chills me out when I’m angry.  Eating something crunchy does not, but at least I ate an apple.  Now back to parenting.  Or cleaning.  Or studying.  Or really, back to parenting.  They’re too quiet.


2 Responses to “Recap 4/12”

  1. thekitchwitch Says:

    You make me laugh so damn hard. Congrats on eating healthy. I had half of a leftover burger for breakfast this morning. Whoops.

    Also, your ex will most certainly go to Hell. I’m pretty sure I’ll be bartending down there. I promise to make him only virgin cocktails.

    And WTF with mothers commenting on their adult daughters’ weight? Mine intimated that I was getting “soft” the other day and I almost fed her Hemlock.


  2. Elastamom Says:

    I love your recaps. Your mom? i’m glad she said something kind of nice? And your ex going to hell and you didn’t even have to say it? Classic.

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