Two to Three

Tornado A, how old are you now?


No. How OLD are YOU now?


Today is Tornado A’s birthday, and I am more proud that he has accepted his age.  Maybe only for today, but it is enough.  He spent the last year insisting he was eight.

Let me tell you a few stories about this little guy of mine.


He has a favorite song.  It’s “Tuna of Opportunity” by Heywood Banks.  It’s from Tornado A’s favorite album, a mixed CD.  Only Tornado A doesn’t call it “Tuna of Opportunity.”  He calls it “The Knock Knock Song.”  And I don’t know why.  I don’t hearing any knocks in the song.

Friend: Well, opportunity only knocks once.  Maybe that’s the connection.

Me: But that’s crazy.  That makes sense to us.  But has anyone told Tornado A that saying?  That’s quite a leap for a two-year old.

Until one day a week or two later  . . . .

Me: Tornado E, opportunity only knocks once.




Tornado Apretends he’s a puppy sometimes.  (I A PUPPY, MAMA!)  He crawls on all fours.  He barks.  He rolls over for belly rubs.  It’s quite adorable.

Except when he’s playing with me.  Because eventually he does something he only does with me.

He grabs my face and holds it.  Then he licks up the side of my fave.

Touching.  Cute.  But gross.  Really, really gross.


He ran around the playground yesterday, yelling, “I BOBA FETT!  I BOBA FETT!”  Then he hummed “The Imperial March.”


Last week he insisted on playing with the ringtones on my phone when we went to pick up Tornado E from school.  As I walked through the gates, carrying Tornado A, he started playing “The Imperial March.”  It was oddly fitting.


When we got get Tornado S, I take Tornado A out of the car and put him on the sidewalk and say, “Go get Tornado S.”

Tornado A runs off, yelling “TORNADO S-Y!  TORNADO S-Y!” all the way to Tornado S’s classroom.


He still says “WAY!” for yes.  And it’s kinda awesome.


He loves Angry Bird Star Wars and Fruit Ninja.


Today as I was getting a grocery cart, Tornado A was looking at several cases of water.


I looked over.

Me: Water, baby.  It’s water.

Tornado A: (pointing to the label)  CHOCOLATE, MAMA!

I looked over.  It was Nestle Pure Life water.  He was pointing to the Nestle.

Are you kidding me?  I don’t even buy Nestle chocolate.

Yes, my child might be scary bright.

As in . . . .

One of Tornado S’s teachers: Is he going to school next year?

Hint.  Hint.

Me: Yes.  I’m putting him into the three-year-old program.

Teacher: Oh, good.  He needs that.  He seems really, really bright.

Um, no kidding.

Me: I figured I’ll just feed him paste.

I don’t care if how bright he is.  I want him to be himself.  And he will be one of the good guys.

Happy Birthday, my little troublemaker!

If you want to read how Tornado A made his entrance, click here.

3 Responses to “Two to Three”

  1. Thekitchwitch Says:

    Adorable! Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  2. Elastamom Says:

    Happy Birthday Aidan! I love hearing these tidbits about your cutie. (Nestle? holy crap!)

  3. unicorn Says:

    Have a super day kiddo! Big hugs.

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