I’m Batman

I got Tornado A a Batman shirt for his birthday.  Because if you can be Batman, you should always be Batman.

And of course, if you buy your kid a Batman shirt, especially a cute little toddler, then you have to teach him to say, “I’m Batman.”  Especially if you’re a nerd.  (Or go to their site because they have stuff that is so funny you’ll cry or snort out soda out your nose.  Then you can email me, and we can talk about our favorite videos.  It’ll be fun.)

So through the day, I would say, “Tornado A, say ‘I’m Batman.'”  And Tornado A would say “I’m Batman!”  It was adorable.

Until Tornado E manipulated it.

Tornado E: Tornado A!  Tornado A!  Tell Mommy where you want to go for dinner?!

Tornado A: Batman want McDonald’s!

Um, yeah.  About manipulation.

Me: No McDonald’s.

Tornado E: But Mom-myyyyy!  You said anywhere he wanted.

Me: Anywhere HE wanted but NOT McDonald’s.

Tornado A: Batman wants McDonald’s!

But then Tornado A took control.

Tornado A: Batman wants to go home!

Tornado A: Batman play cars!

Tornado A: Batman tired!

Tornado A: Batman pooped!

I no longer can tell if this is cute or not.

One Response to “I’m Batman”

  1. Court Says:

    Ours is ‘Spider-Man” and tonight I was trying to tell him to eat his fish sticks so I told him he needed to so he could have muscles like Spider-Man. He informed me that Spider-Man doesn’t eat. Oops. That backfired.

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