Recap 4/19

1. The first half of the week, I was buried under schoolwork.  The second half, housework.  There were also doctor appointments and such in between.  Seriously let’s all understand the difference of saying you need to build a newsletter versus a website for homework.

2. Saturday night the boys and I had a pizza-and-movie night.  Fried mozzarella sticks, pizza, (salad for me because my children are heathens), and ice cream drumsticks.  And then Brave.  It was a good night.

3. Last Sunday we did the park and built wooden boats.  And they actually floated!

4. Lesson: Do not do baking-soda-and-vinegar experiments on grass if you like green grass.

5. Tornado S got to be leader this week.  So I got to go have lunch with him.  Then Tornado S and his classmates convinced me to stay for recess.  And it was awesome.

6. The minute we walked into the doctor’s office, Tornado A started crying.  PTSD from having a double ear ache the year before.  You would think he would have forgotten.

7. Do you have that month that everything goes right with money?  Things you need are all on sale.  Things you want are all on sale.  Mistakes are made on the other end, and people hand you money.  I am not having one of those months.  Quite the opposite.

8. Tornado E had to wear a purple shirt today for school because . . . I’m not sure why the principal asked.  We found one purple shirt of mine that didn’t have flowers or was girly purple.  One.

9. “Well, if this is old and out of style and most your other clothes in your closet are too and too small, Mommy, why do you keep them?”  Because if I threw out all my clothes that are terribly out of date or do not fit, I would have no clothes and would cry at the realization of how much I have to buy to have a work wardrobe again.  It’s what we call a psychological crutch.

10. Wish me luck, I’m teaching Tornado E to grill tonight.

The 5. So do to homework and housework and other random afternoon activities, writing, reading blogs, and doing something creative took a backseat.  Unless you count designing a newsletter and a website as creative.  I”m getting better on the apples.  And the exercise-crap, I’ve gotta go.


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