Recap 4/26

1. My body has betrayed me.  It won’t let me do a week of really late nights without taking something in return.  It’s made me nap.

2. I’ve been buried under homework to cause those late nights.  These projects are much more complex than they look.  Sure, make a tech supply list for 20k.  Make a list of websites you can give your students to use.  Make a lesson plan.  This is complex stuff, people!

3. Tornado A is coming up and asking me to change his diaper.  Yeah, I know, dude.  I wish I could train you on the week days too.

4. Tornado E got “Most Improved” student.  Apparently he’s saving all his attitude for me.  I’m special.

5. I got to sneak out and get a hair cut.  I love my girl and confessed that I forget to get a haircut until I desperately need one.  “You just think of your three babies first!  That just means you’re a good mom!”  See?  Love her.

6. Did I mention the midnight to 3:30 insomnia bout brought to me by Tornado A the other night?

7. My mom got a tatoo.  She got her ears pierced a second time before me.  She dyed her hair a wild color before me.  She got a tatoo before me.  My mom isn’t suppose to be cooler than me.  At least not rebelloious-cool like that.

8. Yesterday Tornado S informed me that he has 19 more days of school left.  He seemed very happy over this.  I was trying to keep from panicking.

9. We are growing tomatoes, basil, strawberries (Tornado A’s plant), watermelon (Tornado S’s plant), and garlic.  And a sacculus (Tornado E’s plant).  I don’t think the garlic is going to make it.

10. I’m in search for teacher’s craft-gifts and mother’s day craft-gifts.  I would naturally assume I would already have a good idea.  I do not.

The 5: It has not been a good week for the 5.  Other than exercising everything else has fallen by the wayside.  Oh so sad.  But it means I’m not balanced.  My energies are on what needs to be done like parenting, housework, and schoolwork.  This isn’t balanced.  This isn’t taking care of myself.  So, now I need to figure out what I need to do to get most of the 5 done every day.


2 Responses to “Recap 4/26”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Your Mom = love. Teacher’s gift: gift card to a liquor store. Done!

  2. faemom Says:

    Mom’s tatoo is the pink ribbon for breast cancer. My contribution was to discourage her to put the date she went in remission, since it would like a death date,

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