Recap 5/3

1. As frightened of a summer of possible parent-detention all day as I am, I’m looking forward to getting out from under the burden of homework.  And then studying for my . . teaching . . test . . in June . . . .  Damnit.

2. We went to the county fair last weekend, and Tornado A insisted on walking.  We enjoyed a very scenic pace.  He loved the ride of little cars.  I’m sad I didn’t get in cotton candy.

3. Teacher appreciation gifts.  Glitter magnets and a plastic cup with a lid filled with single-serve drink packets.  We are awesome.

4. I adore the dollar store.  Craft stuff for the kids.  Cleaning stuff.  Toothbrushes.  Cheap kitchen supplies for experiments and play.  And random other stuff.  Like a solar panel hula doll.  Yes, a solar panel hula doll!

5. While making the glitter magnets, Tornado E knocked over a tube of pink glitter.  There is glitter all over the house.  It’s craft herpes.

6. I went on a field trip with Tornado S’s class to the used-bookstore.  I learned that I do NOT fit in with those mothers At. ALL.  But the store was awesome, and we all got $10 to spend on books, and I found a mint-condition She-Ra book!  Tornado S came home with as many Star Wars and superhero books he could find and afford.

7. I’ve been manic all week.

8. Tornado E had a concert today.  He had to keep waving and calling me and smiling at me until they started singing.  Then he sang the whole time.  Though the kid cannot stomp or clap a beat.  So sad.

9. During my walk with my mom, she said she was glad that I walked with her in the morning.  Especially because I’m “not as negative” as my grandma.  And I shouldn’t worry about being codependent on my kids because I’m too busy with having three of them.  And yes, I kept my mouth shut and the smirk off my face.

10. This weekend.  There’s Lego Club and May 4th.  We need to do teacher’s gifts and mother’s day gifts and homework and chores and Tornado E has a state report to finish and then my usual craziness.  And the pool should be ready and ice cream to make and restaurants to visit and maybe stores to shop at.  I don’t know.  So much to do, can do, would like to do, have to.  I hope to balance it all.

The 5. About that.  Writing hasn’t happened much, and the stories are yelling at me.  Reading hasn’t happened much, and I really miss my friends.  Apples are washed in a bowl on the counter uneaten.  But hey, I did crafts and excercise.  Ok, back to working on a reminder.


2 Responses to “Recap 5/3”

  1. Steel Magnolia Says:

    “Craft herpes” has just made my day. I will think of this whenever I can’t smile!

  2. faemom Says:

    I’m happy to help.

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