Recap 5/10

1. Yes, it’s Friday night, and I’m off bedtime guard duty.  My computer has just been turned on.

2. What’s more annoying than having a paper due?  Having your child’s report due.  It’s tedious, boring, annoying, frustrating like before, but add in, you have to yell, nag, and sit there with nothing to do but yell and nag to get anything done.

3. Tornado E is in the second grade, and his report had to be 7 paragraphs.  Handwritten.  With a reference page.  Plus a neat and creative, handwritten poster.  On Louisiana.  It’s done.  Thank God.

4. The Mother’s Day craft was a FAIL.  And another FAIL.  And then when I figured something out and spent way too much money on craft supplies in case of more fails, I had to find time to have the kids do it and I to finish it.  And then I forgot I had no more envelopes.  Sorry MIL.

5. I need to find an occupational therapist for Tornado S.  That was supposed to be done two months ago.  Apparently, I left the ball in the wrong court.

6. Tornado S had a melt down because we weren’t throwing his birthday party on his birthday.  I’m raising a brat.  Then I learned he thought we weren’t celebrating his birthday at all, and he would have to wait several days for a celebration.  Oh, that’s much different.  I’m raising a kindergartener about to turn 6.

7. I left my room in jeans and a bra to make sure everyone was following the morning routine.  Tornado A demanded that I get a shirt on and then went into my room to get me one.  He actually pulled one out of the drawer and handed it to me.  I’m raising a prude or one of the fashion police.

8. I went dress shopping with my mom.  She was on her best behavior.  I have two new dresses.  We went to the fabric store and bought patterns and fabric.  She commented on my style choices.  She’s slightly on the Western trend.  And I’m vintage ’50’s-’60’s.

9. So lately I’ve been lost in my head, playing with storylines and characters.  My work is being pushed back, and my sleep is being neglected.  I had this problem in high school, not college, which is weird be- OH!  I was writing in college and getting all that stuff out of my head.  So I’m working on a story.  My work is being pushed back less.  Sort of.

10. Today I finally made perfect strawberry jam.  I wish I knew what I did differently.

The 5. I had two days when I hit all five.  So that’s better.  I did a lot more crafts this week and more writing.  Reading blogs and eating apples is still lagging.  But at least I have a checklist hanging somewhere that I see it first thing.  Yea.


One Response to “Recap 5/10”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Sounds like quite a week. School reports are a fucking drag.

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