My Passenger

The other day I had to drive across town to drop off some paperwork at the school district.  Our city is sprawling without a freeway system.  (Don’t get me started on that cluster-.)  It can be a drive.  Tornado A was sitting in the back, playing with toys and chatting with me.

Tornado A: Snack, Mommy?

Me: You had a snack.

Tornado A: Bread, Mommy?

Me: No, we don’t need to go to the bakery.

Tornado A: Prezzle, Mommy?

We just passed a bakery that was known for pretzels.

Me: Not today, Tornado A.

Tornado A: Sushi, Mommy?

As we passed a sushi joint.

Me: Nope.  Not today.

Tornado A: Lunch, Mommy?

Me: It’s still early morning, sweetheart.  Lunch is a while away.

We were approached a traffic light.

Tornado A: Stay green!  Stay green!  Stay green!  Stay green!

Oh God, what am I teaching my son?  I better check my road rage.  And hard.

We sailed through the green light.

Tornado A: YEA!!!

In case you’re wondering, he repeated this with every light.  That’s a lot of traffic lights.

Then we arrived at the district.

Tornado A: Mommy!  We go up the snake?!

He pointed to the spiral staircase.

As it happens, we did have to go up the spiral staircase.  When we left the office, he was excited to leave.

Tornado A: Mommy!  We go down the snake?!

Me: Yes!  Hold on to the rail.

When we got down to the bottom floor, Tornado A looked at me.

Tornado A: Mommy!  We go up the snake?!

Me: No, it’s time to go.

Tornado A: NO!!!

He tried to run up the stairs, but I scooped him up and threw him over my shoulder.

Tornado A: Not a sack of potatas!  Mommy!  I not!  A sack of potatas!

So I put him on my hip and kissed him.

Me: No, you’re not.  You’re my Tornado A.  And I love you.

Tornado A hugged me tight.

Tornado A: I love you!

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