Recap 5/24

1. Damn.  The week just flew by.  So did today.  I’m exhausted.

2. As we turned into the church’s driveway on Sunday, Tornado A yelled “NO!”  I asked him what was wrong.  He answered, “NO CHURCH!”

3. I spent most of the week getting everything set up for Tornado S to be assessed this summer and lining up the pins to make sure next school year goes smoothly.

4.Tornado S’s graduation from kindergarten was Wednesday.  He decided to act goofy for laughs.  He gets that from my side of the family.

5. I had two earaches on Tuesday night.  That sucked.  A lot.  I haven’t had an earache since high school.

6. I’m studying for my teaching exam.  I’m not comfortable with the amount of studying I’ve accomplished so far.

7. I’m really going to miss Tornado E’s teacher next year.  She was so awesome for Tornado E.  She was strict with him but understood him, his needs, and his sense of humor.  She even put Tornado S with the first grade teacher she felt was best to help him AND introduced me to the teacher.  AND told me she talks about me being the best role model for other parents.

8. Tornado E’s last day of school was Thursday.  He spent most of the day playing “Battleship” and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

9. We replaced “Mario Go-Kart.”  We’re having a blast.

10. We made bookmarks for teachers’ gifts.  I should post that.

The  5: Holy crap, I was busy this week.  With the end of the school year stuff, trying to get Tornado S set up with OT, studying for this exam, and then the other normal stuff.  I did well on everything but apples and reading blogs.  Stupid apples.


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  1. Elastamom Says:

    May is just insane, isn’t it??

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