The First Day of Summer

They were up at 6.  And I begged them to play quietly for a while.  Even though the toddler kept screaming, “JUICE!!!!” at the bottom of the stairs.

Then I told them to get ready, and we will go out to breakfast.  In the middle of the dash, I realized that I had several McDonald’s gift cards, and I thought Egg McMuffins might be slightly healthier than doughnuts.

To McDonald’s!  To the one that has a play area that includes toddlers!  So we got Egg McMuffins and hash browns and those cinnamon thingies and orange juice and chocolate milk.  Um, when did they take that apple-grape-walnut thing off the menu?  I miss that.  So the boys played and ate.  We hung out.  And it was awesome.

To the next stop!  We went to the mall before it opened!  I wanted to check out if it was a good option for walking in the summer.  The boys yelped and ran ahead, chasing each other, racing each other, making a loud commotion as kids often do.  I’m going to assume it didn’t bother the other walkers.

Then I let them run around in the kid playground in the mall, where they made fast new friends to play a great game of tag.  Tornado A took me to all the little climbing things to show me how he can master them all.  Most of them without help.  The only thing was kind of awesome.

Then we had a snack of fruit leathers and juice and water before we ran off again.  The boys wanted something less healthy, but I had an awesome plan.

So we climbed in the car and raced off to the next stop.  The library!  We signed up for the reading program.  As we walked by a display, the boys each grabbed a book that intrigued them.  They all helped with check out AND kept the volume around  an acceptable indoor, first day of summer roar.

Now the plan was to go to the bigger dollar store if we had time.  And it would push it, but my mom wanted to go to the dollar store with us, which means to go to the smaller one.  Fine.  So we picked her up.  On the way, Tornado E read to Tornado A the book Tornado A picked out.  It was sweet.

To the dollar store!  For summer supplies!  Mainly supplies for fine motor skill activities for Tornado S.  But I let the boys all pick out one thing for fun, and I found crystal growing kits.  Not to be outdone by the toys, I picked up a water ball sling shot to match the boys’ water weapons.  This is going to be awesome!

Lunch!  I’ve been planning lunch for like two weeks.  But my mom modified the plan.  “Fae, they need something a little more to stick to their stomachs.”  Fine.  To the 50’s diner!  Where I informed the boys that they may have whatever ice cream treat they wanted for lunch.  Tornado S got a chocolate milk shake.  Tornado E got a junior hot fudge sundae.  Tornado A got a mini chocolate sundae.  My mom got a chocolate milk shake.  I ordered the same thing Tornado E had and took the other half of Tornado S’s milk shake.  For substance, we ordered chicken tenders, fries, and mini chimis.  The boys were so surprised they were allowed to have ice cream for lunch.  It was awesome!

Then nap.  That too was awesome.  The older boys rested and then played video games without fighting.

Then Tornado S opened up his birthday gifts from his party the night before.  The theme of the gifts was crafts and things to do.  And Tornado S thought that was awesome.

Then it was to grandma’s house for tie-dying.  Which became problematic because my mom hadn’t washed her shirts, and then she refused to wash just two shirts in the quick cycle.  Mothers.  But we all got ready to go swimming and prepped the craft.  Then we tie-dyed!  It was awesome.  Even with the worry we might run out of dye.

Into the pool!  I actually swam.  The boys played.  I tossed Tornado A around.  God, I love swimming.

Then back home for a later than usual dinner of fish tacos.  I meant to do s’mores or a movie or something, but by then we ran out of interest and steam.  But dinner was still awesome.

It was an awesome day.

Until I told my dad about it.

“So what you’re saying is the rest of the summer is all down hill from here.”

No- I can- Still – it was.


He might be right.

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