Teaching at the Museum

Every Sunday during summer, the Children’s Museum has Science Sundays.  It’s $2 admission.  I get to entertain and educate the boys while keeping my house relatively clean for 8 bucks.  (Relative to how messy we left the house before going to church.)  The museum is small, but I have learned to stand in the corner and let them do their thing.  One area could take an hour, like the grocery store, and so we quickly fill our two hours before heading back for Tornado A’s nap.

I prefer the rooms with building different types of tunnels or ball runs or rollercoasters or the room where you can write with light.  That way I get to play.  Though last weekend, I was drafted to play cashier at the grocery store.  Those years working for Home Depot as a cashier are really paying off.

There is an ocean area with a mural and fake coral growing up from the floor to the ceiling with boxes to show the innards of certain animals.  The big boys gravitate to the big pile of ocean puppets.

Last Sunday, Tornado E used the puppets to teach the younger children about the food chain.

Tornado E: And here is an octopus!

He wiggled the octopus on his right hand.

Tornado E: And here is a clownfish!

Tornado E wiggled the clownfish on his left hand.

Tornado E: And the octopus eats the clownfish!

The octopus seized the clownfish and attempted to eat it whole.

A little boy: It’s eating Nemo!

Tornado E: Yes, octopuses do that.

A mother looked at me.  I shrugged.

Me: It’s actually “octopi.”  But both forms can be used correctly.

My boy and I are going to be great teachers.


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