The Slip and Slide

For Tornado S’s birthday, The Friendly Giant bought him a Slip and Slide.  A huge one that would allow three people to use it at a time.  And I was delighted.  Because I had two little brothers and a Flip.  I hoped that this would make me 10,000 dollars richer.

Due to my mother’s lack of watering the lawn, we had to wait until yesterday.  Since I was going to be gone most of the day, my mom planned on putting out the Slip and Slide as a treat for my boys.  The Friendly Giant came over to “help.”

I arrived in time to watch my boys take on the slide.  They jogged and slip a few feet.  They were disappointed.

Of course, that’s when the Friendly Giant decided he show them how it was done.  I turned on the camera.  While, I enjoyed watching my baby brother run and hit the ground hard, he didn’t do anything award-winning.  I filmed the boys getting braver and my dad pushing Tornado A down the slide on a raft.  He got up the courage to do it himself.

Even my mom got in on the action.  And that was hilarious.  To me.  Not the viewers at home.

Eventually we went swimming and had fun tossing Tornado A around to all the adults as Tornado E played monkey in the middle.  I’m not sure what Tornado E would do if he caught Tornado A.

When Tornado E returned to the Slip and Slide, I joined him and made a fool out of myself too.

I learned two lessons.  1. Never do anything potentially foolish if someone is filming you.  2. Not all comedic set-ups will result in their intended comic consequences.

I wonder when the last time The Friendly Giant was on a skateboard . . . .


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