Recap 6/7

1. I thought that when summer started, I would have more time.  I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.

2. Swim lessons started this week, and last week Tornado S put his head down and swam.  So this week he is in a class below his abilities.

3. Tornado A is crawling along the wall in the pool.  Everywhere.  I must teach him to swim soon.

4. The boys have been playing house all week.  When asked who was the mommy, the boys all pointed to me.

5. Tornado E has declared his workbooks too easy, reading is fun, chores are ok, and swimming and karate are fun.  I’m glad we all got that settled.

6. I need to learn how to pronounce Latin.  Then I can say the new family motto in Latin.  Ædificabat insolitam superesse.

7. I really need to find time to vacuum.  Also time to do art.  Also time to read blogs.  Also time to relax.  These days are much too short.

8. I found the results to a personality test I took in college.  I am Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling, Perceiving.  My score was split even between making decisions on logical thinking and on values with “person-centered concerns.”  I’m just really confused about the extraverted part.  I’m sure I’ve always hated people.

9. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t succumb to the family blessing/curse to make jokes to deal with life.  At mediation, I did not say I was pregnant, did not accuse the ex of hiding a yacht, did not allude that I owned a herd of horses, did not say my mom wanted joint custody with us, and basically ignored every joke that came to mind, except saying that I don’t want to give up the boys for any time but as a grown-up I will share.

10. The boys have been letting me sleep in until 7, which means they have been trashing the house for an hour, perhaps hour and a half.  Although they’ve been doing it quietly.

The 5: Exercising is a slam dunk, now that I have more time and a pool.  Writing is working out well; when I started worrying, I focused on my new story and solved a problem in it.  I need to do art.  I need to read my friends’ blogs; I miss them so.  I need an apple!  I have been gorging on watermelon and peaches.  Mmmm, peaches.  Cue The Presidents of the United States of America.


One Response to “Recap 6/7”

  1. Elastamom Says:

    Sounds like a great week: no jokes and an awesome 5!!! The no jokes thing must have been very difficult!

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