That’s a first

I should be studying.  The test is Thursday morning.  I’m not feeling very prepared.  The boys are playing a video game for a little while, and so I should hit the books.  I do have one amazing saving grace.

Vacation Bible School.

Not only is it all morning all week but it includes Tornado A too!  All three boys are out of the house for three hours every morning, which gives (gave) me three mornings to study.  It’s amazing!  It’s wonderful!  I’ve even survived the guilt trip of being begged to volunteer.  “I can’t.  I’d love to, but I can’t.  I have my teaching certificate test this week.”  “OH!  Study!  Take the time to study!  Your boys will be fine.”  Thanks.

The boys got ready quickly.  Tornado A even used the bathroom.  (Awkward potty stage of only using the potty when naked)  I gave Tornado A a little backpack with an extra diaper, wipes, and a sandwich bag.  He nearly skipped through the parking lot.

I got the boys’ group assignments.  I dropped Tornado E first and forced him into his VBS shirt.  Then I left Tornado S, who didn’t give me any trouble with his shirt, with his group.  Then I found Tornado A’s group.

Teacher: Oh good!  A boy!  I was worried we would have all girls.

The girls were around 5 and 6.  But Tornado A’s name was on the list.  I signed him in just like I did with the other boys.

Teacher: Here’s his shirt if you could put it on.

Tornado A was helpful.

Teacher: Don’t worry, Mama.  He’ll be fine.  He’ll have lots of fun.  We’ll take good care of him.

“We’ll take good care of him.”  My baby.  My baby is going to school.  Ish.  He’s going to be away from me and with strangers for three hours.  My baby.

Me: Well, he has a backpack with a diaper and wipes.

Tornado A nodded and turned to show off his backpack.

Tornado A: My backpack!

Teacher: Thank you.  I’m sure we won’t need it.  We’ll be fine.

My baby.

I gave Tornado A a hug and kiss.

Me: Remember to listen and do as you’re told.  Have fun.  Bye, sweetheart.

He sat down with the rest of the girls and began coloring with them.

My baby!  My baby is at school.  Ish.

I walked away and watched.  Maybe I should stay.  Even though I have to go grocery shopping before I study.  I need to study.  But my baby might need me.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.  The Sweet Girl’s Mother.  (See that.  I need better nicknames.)

Friend: Hi!

Me: Hi.

Friend: How are you doing?

I looked over to Tornado A’s group.

Me: Tornado A.  It’s his first time in something like that.

She rubbed my shoulder and looked me straight in the eye.

Friend: He’ll be fine.  We’ll take care of him.

Tears welled in my eyes.

Me: (nodding) Ok.

Friend: He’ll be fine.  (beat) Hey, don’t you have a big test?

Me: Right.  Ok.  It’ll be fine.  You’re here.  Half a dozen moms that know him are here and about two dozen kids who know him.  (She nodded.)  It’ll be fine.  Ok.  All right.  I’m going to go.  (She nodded.)  Good luck,

Friend: You too.

Me: Thanks.

And I ran out and to the car before I could start crying or volunteer to be with Tornado A.

2 Responses to “That’s a first”

  1. unicorn Says:


    and oh yeah, that’s just some moisture near my nose, dont mind me. Aidan is gonna be just fine, he’s a tough cookie that one.

    /why are you reading this? STUDY!

  2. dearanonymousfriend Says:

    you need to study. you need this time of quiet to concentrate. It is so difficult to leave your little ones for the first time. You will miss him more than he will miss you. I hate that that is true, but it is. VBS is such a great thing, my girls loved it when they were little, I totally understand this post. What a great post it is too. Hope you have survived and that the test goes well. DAF

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