Catch Up

So last week, I buckled down and really studied on those last days.  I was taught to study 15 and break 5 and repeat.  Only Monday (perhaps Sunday, all the days are running together), I got up and moved during my 5 mins, not read blogs, not look through Pinterest or online window shop.  And it felt like things really started to click.  Yup, a few days before the test, I figured out a better way to study.  Facepalm.

The test was on Thursday.  I got there early to make sure I was on time and figured I could skim through my notes as I waited for test.  Um, no.  They took my palm prints and pictures.  They scanned in my ID into the computer.  They made me empty my pockets, leave my purse, and take off my cool new skull bracelet that an awesome friend gave me to wear for good luck.  Um, I didn’t relieve the technology in the thieving teacher test was so sophisticated.  Ok, actually, I think they didn’t want me to bang my bracelet on the desk and bother people.  They were offering everyone ear plugs.  Christ.  So I did my best.  I used my wits and guts on the ones I didn’t know.  It worked when I took my practice exams.  Because, you know, I’m a natural.  After 100 questions, I got to the essays.  With a wicked smile, I read the directions.  WHAT!  Between 200-300 words!  I just wrote 243, right now.  And I haven’t really said anything.  I sketched out my essays, which I never do.  Then I wrote them, reread them, proofed them, reread them.  Then I was done.  With an hour to spare.  Please, dear Lord, let that be a merciful sign.  I’m not celebrating until I get my grade.

With an hour to kill or more.  (301)  I had planned on a 4 hour test, and the boys were still at VBS, and I had arranged for my mom to pick them up.  I wondered over to a bookstore and found a book.  Which is the beginning of a 5 book series.  I’m sucked in.  And it’s a 5 book series.  Which is kinda of a problem because I wasn’t planning on buying a five book series in the next couple of weeks and I wasn’t planning in putting the time into a five book series.  I’m planning a small trip with the boys.  I have stuff to do for my program, for my divorce, and for my next big teaching test which will be on history, a subject I somehow haven’t studied since high school.  (Mom: HOW is that even POSSIBLE?!  You LOVE history!  ME: It turns out I also love psychology, sociology, religious studies, and women’s studies, oh and literature.)  But now I’m committed, and it’s an awesome series.  But the bookstore sucked because it only had the first of the series.  Luckily I found it at Target.  Someone, tell me Target isn’t as evil to authors as Walmart.

So Thursday I was dead. And Friday I had the morning off.  It was amazing.  I got to browse at the craft store.  I also cleaned.  Because I was dead Thursday.  Friday night the boys slept at my parents’ house, and so I rented a bunch of movies.  Movies!  I almost went out, but then I wasn’t sure about any movies out in the theaters.  I’ve been under a rock the last few weeks, studying.

Saturday and Sunday were eh.  Not much happened.  Just some cleaning and hanging out.  Today started out eh too.  But I’m starting to pick up steam.  And guess what!  Now I should have time to read blogs.  YEA!


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