Dieting on Facebook

I’ve already had a post on things I don’t like about Facebook.  Talking about dieting is another thing.  I have a few health fanatics among my friends.  Health fanatics is the polite term.  Obsessed with being thin is probably more accurate.  But I hate the diet memes.

If you believe this, then you haven’t lived, and you don’t know how to cook or you’ve never been to a good restaurant.  You live a sad little life.  You’re missing so much!  I can think of amazing clam chowder, brilliant sushi rolls, chocolate shakes that complete one’s soul, fried chicken that built an amusement park, ice cream that haunts dreams, steaks that melted like butter.  I’ll pass on being skinny.

I’m most concern with “blowing hours of hard work in the gym for a few minutes of pleasure in the kitchen.”  Why most it be either or?  Why can’t you have both?  Why not spend a few minutes on pleasure?  Why am I thinking this had some sort of implications about sex?

This is just sick.

Because when you’re with friends, all you care about is how you look.  You should surround yourself with fat chicks.  Then you will always feel pretty.  Or you could have real friends who support and love you, make you laugh, let you be yourself, and make you fight for the fries that moments ago you said you shouldn’t eat but hey! no one steals my fries.


Let’s get some ice cream.  I know a great place for milk shakes.

4 Responses to “Dieting on Facebook”

  1. Brea Says:

    I, personally, am sick to death of the recipe posts & the “hey, if you don’t eat ultra veggie healthy & no flavor stuff I’m schlepping, then you’re an indulgent piece of crap” posts.

    I don’t diet. I do try to eat a variety of balanced things, just to feel good inside my own skin, but if I want something chocolate, then bygod I have some. Why punish myself emotionally & deprive myself of little pleasures in life? Moderation. It works for me. And I don’t think it’s anyone else’s damn business if I eat a cookie.

  2. Thekitchwitch Says:

    I have always LOATHED the “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” quote. ARG! But now that I’ve seen the other ones out there, I think I’m most horrified by “Not being the fat one.” Jimminy Cricket. Seven kinds of wrong, there.

  3. faemom Says:

    I totally agree with you. Life’s too short not to enjoy little things like chocolate.

  4. faemom Says:

    Oh, there were worse. One was “So there’s no reason why ‘the hot boy’ won’t like you.” I threw up in my mouth a little.

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