10 Things About Tornado E

Tornado E turned 8 today.  Or will be if you want to get technical.  9:20 at night.  So here’s 10 facts about Tornado E.

1. He can’t just jump off the high dive.  He runs off.  He twists.  He twirls.  He does a karate move.  He dances.  He strikes a pose.  He yells.  He makes a joke.  He’s a card.

2. He’s into building Legos.  Finally!  I’m so excited.  Of course, now we have so many Legos that we need to organize them.

3. He loves telling jokes.  Some nights he keeps asking me for some so he can repeat them to another grown up.

4. His favorite color is pink.  And he’s proud of it.

5. Now that he is in a karate class, he is so in to it.  Especially now that he knows he can learn weapons.  When he heard that, his eyes just lit up.

6. He enjoys reading.  He loves it.  When he has to do 30 minutes of reading, he often reads for another 15.

7. Tornado E’s pushing the line right now.  But I’m holding firm.  He’ll settle soon, so I guess I can say Tornado E is stubborn, smart, energetic, and mischievous.  Just the way I like kids.

8. His real weakness is believing he should be able to do everything perfectly the first time.  When he can’t do it perfectly and quickly, he tries to give up.  My favorite is when he yells that he’s not good at math.  Of course, I just start laughing because he’s a number person.  He’s awesome at math.  When he’s not frustrated.

9. When he watches a movie or show on a TV, he can’t contain himself.  He jumps up and down.  He yells and laughs.  He just gets so excited.

10. My favorite thing to do is watch Tornado E run around the hallway or outside, acting out the daydreams in his head.  It’s so cute and awesome.  He just doesn’t know his mama did the same thing at his age.

If you want to read Tornado E’s birth story, it’s here.


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