Notes from a Road Trip by a Single Mom

1. Always do the packing the night before.  Even when their father is over.

2. There are benefits to having early risers.

3. I love DVD players.

4. I hate that my CD player is broken.

5. I have some of the coolest friends.

6. Get to the attraction early, so you have plenty of time.  Let the kids set the pace.

7. At a point.  Seriously when I’m at the top of a three-story structure that has milk creates for floors, I can only take that for so long.  Then everyone down and to the next exhibit.

8. It’s so cool to actually see good parenting.  I watched a 9yr old take a car from Tornado A, and the mom swooped in and dealt with the situation.  It was awesome.

9. Bike car wash; fort building; noodle forest; mailboxes; pretend cars; derby races; fake ice cream.  It was all so awesome, and we didn’t even do everything.  But we did get souvenirs.  What’s a vacation without souvenirs?

10. Stay calm.  Shake off the frustration, exasperation, and annoyance.  Discipline as usual.

11. When planning for lunch, do so early so you don’t forget about restaurants not in your local area.  After the kids were fed on McDonald’s, I realized I made a huge mistake.

12.  My boys would rather spend their day playing video games and watching movies than swimming.  It’s just so sad.  I’m raising 21st century digital boys.

13. But my boys are awesome with toddlers.

14. One day with my friend was too short.

15. Splash pads are awesome.  I wish our hometown had some.

16. Eye on the time; when planning fun things near bed time, realize there will be tantrums.  But seriously, ice cream at bed time.  Why not?

17. Stay calm.  Shake off the frustration, exasperation, and annoyance.  Discipline as usual.

18. Kids love hotel rooms.

19. My dad was right.  A suite is nice to have when kids are in bed.  I wish I hadn’t fallen asleep so early over my book.  I blame the 5am wake up call.  And the dehydration.  And the 20 min cat nap.

20. TV in the morning in bed!  Yea cartoons!

21. Thank God for the free breakfast in the hotel.  Why can’t the boys sit still while I get food?  Why do they wait for me to come back and add another thing?  And then wait until I come back and someone else asks for something?  And over and over.

22. Stay calm.  Shake off the frustration, exasperation, and annoyance.  Discipline as usual.

23. While the more awesome splash pads open at 10am, by 8am, I knew we had to leave much, much sooner.  I don’t care if it’s a suite, it’s too small for three active boys.

24. At a 100 degrees at 9am, we shouldn’t have been the only ones at the splash pad.

25. Did I mention how awesome they are?  Oh and I ran through it with the boys a couple of times.  Did I mention I’m envious of these towns?  Did I mention I want one?

26. We have to just plan a weekend to just visit splash pads and water playgrounds.  (Water playgrounds, guys!  Oh my god!)

27. Getting the boys out of the park to go to our special lunch was . . . frustrating.

28. Stay calm.  Shake off the frustration, exasperation, and annoyance.  Discipline as usual.

29. I made an error on getting to the restaurant.  I should have taken the freeway.  I should never have given Tornado A his binkie and mama shirt.  Hey, look!  Lollipops!

30. Tornado A: Green lollipops suck!  (So does your mom) Me: That’s because you have to suck on a lollipop.  They’re *suck*ers.  Tornado A: Oh yeah!

31. So Rainforest Café is extremely expensive, and Tornado A clung to me most of the time.  It was still fun.  Tornado E was so excited.  Tornado A and I enjoyed the food.

32. Worst photobooth picture ever.  But at least we were laughing.

33. Having to leave the boys in the car to get drinks because Tornado A was sleeping.

34. Problem, needing to pee while Tornado A was sleeping.

35. Problem solved.  Tornado A woke up.

36. Adding afternoon swimming at the grandparents’ and soccer practice for both Tornado E and Tornado S might have been a little much, we were all exhausted by the time we actually got home.

37. Stay calm.  Shake off the frustration, exasperation, and annoyance.  Discipline as usual.

38. Next time 2 nights!


2 Responses to “Notes from a Road Trip by a Single Mom”

  1. ElastamomTiffany Says:

    Sounds fun but exhausting!!

  2. Thekitchwitch Says:

    Rainforest cafe is a total wallet suck. I hate that place but my kids love it. Also? My kids love hotel rooms too but they ALWAYS wake up so dang early! Hope you’ve recovered. xo

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