Recap 7/12

1. I didn’t feel like writing yesterday.  Mediation took it out of me.  I’m hoping for better days.

2. I spent most of the week crunching numbers, auditing, researching financial information.  You know boring adult stuff.

3. The boys have less than a month before school starts. I’m sad at the prospect.  There’s so much we can still do.  Other moments, like when Tornado S punched Tornado A in the face for fun, I can’t wait until school starts.

4. I get so f-ing annoyed when people assume that I have tons of free time to get some sort of part-time job because I’m a stay-at-home mom.  Um, no.  My kids aren’t all in school.  I’m also in school.  I have a house to run.  And I’m a single parent.

5. Now at karate lessons, Tornado A stands and mimics the class because he can’t be in the class.

6. We saw Monsters University in 3D.  Nothing is cuter than seeing all three of my boys in 3D glasses.

7. Tornado E was very gracious with birthday presents.  And my mom is his favorite person because she made him a Terrafin cake.  She hand drew it and then frosted it.  Because she’s amazing.

8. We saw Disney’s Earth last weekend.  Every time a predator caught its prey, Tornado S started crying.  My dark lord of the Sith was hurt that a wolf or lion or cheetah would hunt some cute defenseless animal.  Though shark attacking and eating a sea-lion?  That was cool.

9. Me: Don’t complain!  Tornado E: But you always complain.  Tornado S: You’re cranky too.  Me: Because I’m a pessimist.

10. So I really should be studying history.  I have just this one last book in the series.  I’m thinking I should hunt down high school history books.  And maybe some cool history games.

The 5 recap.  A miserable week for art and reading blogs.  I blame mediation.  And the book.  But mainly mediation.

One Response to “Recap 7/12”

  1. thekitchwitch Says:

    Fae, you reminded me of something from my childhood just now. Mama never let us watch t.v. and eat at the same time, but she make an exception for this show called “Wild Kingdom.” It was a nature show. I remember so vividly one episode where the Alpha male in a pride of lions killed several baby lions to secure domination. I was HYSTERICAL. I couldn’t believe that nature could be so brutal.

    Another Pessimist (#9 cracked me up!)

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