A Team Name

I signed the boys up for soccer for a quick summer session.  I thought it would be good for them, giving them a taste of the sport, getting them exercise, meeting new friends.  All good stuff.  Then I signed them up for karate.  Then I realized that they have swim lessons 4 mornings a week and karate once a week.  Soccer would be two nights a week and games on Saturday.  I was giving up my Saturdays.  And did I want them to play soccer during the school year with Cub Scouts, religious class, and karate?  No, that’s insane.  And the season goes into the school year!  God, I’m an idiot.

We still decided to go through with it.  I felt a tad better when it turned out games where only the first two Saturdays in August.  I felt a bit better when many of the other kids were just as inexperienced as mine and the coaches and parents were laid back.  I’ll “grin” and bear it.

The other day Tornado S’s team had to pick a name.  Three players had shown up for practice and gave three different names.  The Blue Kittens.  The Blue Tigers.  The Blue Dragons.  Guess which one is Tornado S’s team name?  None of the kids would give up their team name, so the coach drew a name from a hat.

“The Blue Tigers.”

Tornado S screamed “NOOOOOOOOO!”  And ran off screaming to the center of the small neighborhood park with the parents and kids watching him.  And I started to laugh.  It was hilarious.  It reminded me of that scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights with that kid screaming.  Holy Crap!  That was funny.

Tornado S fell to the ground screaming.

The coach looked at me.  “Is he disappointed about the team name?”

I smiled.  “Just a little.”  I held my fingers to show a small amount.  I laughed.

One Response to “A Team Name”

  1. unicorn Says:

    AHAHAHAHA!. I have to watch that movie again. I can SO picture it. What a dingbat.

    Wear those kiddos out!

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